Farm with farm shop and farm-made products

Treasures from nature

Species-appropriate animal husbandry and attention to natural cycles are part of our modern yet tradition-conscious farm. The entire farm is heated with a wood-chip heater, which is fired using wood from our forests. Power comes from our photovoltaic system, a solar plant supports the generation of hot water. We also prepare and product specialities/products on our farm.

Hostess in the garden Picking herbsEggs

Freshness, natural ingredients and quality distinguish our farm-made products:

  • Crispy bread from our own oven
  • Home-made preserves and fruit spreads
  • Honey
  • Eggs
  • Fresh cow’s milk unpasteurised
  • Dried fruit, muesli and nuts
  • Pick your own vegetables, salad or herbs in our garden
  • Berries and fruit
  • Yoghurt, butter and spicy cheese from the Brimi dairy farm, which is where we deliver our milk
  • Homemade cake
  • Tea from our herb garden
  • Hearty bacon 
  • Herb vinegar

As a souvenir to take home or to enjoy as a snack: you can purchase, and then enjoy, all of our farm-made products in our farm shop. Mhmmm!

Juices and jams Salad

A meeting point for all

Browse our little library, gaze at the evening sky with a good glass of wine, get comfortable in a cozy chair and look through the two large windows at the farm with its playground, the colourful nature and the chestnut tree, the playing children and the lively farm life.

Our farm shop has its own lounge area and is accessible all day. It is a place to meet people, for enjoyment and relaxation. The counter area has a refrigerator, cups, plates and glasses as well as the possibility to enjoy hot and cold drinks (self-service). In the sales corner, you can purchase, and also enjoy, our farm-made products, such as fruit spreads, honey, various flower and fruit syrups, bacon. fresh eggs, herb and flower salt, soup seasoning, various tea herbs from our garden and dried fruit. Mhmmm!

Großplonerhof farm shop exterior viewGroßplonerhof farm shop exterior view with lounge
Farm shop loungeFarm shop cosy lounge
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